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April 26, 2009

Planning for a BIG DAY..

As my wedding day is approaching (around 5 months left), i still have no clue how to start preparing for my wedding..My friends started preparing for her wedding as early as 1 year before but i've also have a friends that do preparation 1 month before! Well, it's depends on an individual..
My fiance and i were so worried on our wedding because we don't have enough money.. So guys, please, start saving your money for your big day! But if we want to wait we have money, maybe i'll end up married at age 40, (OMG..)! So i said to my fiance, we must set a date. If not you'll have no aim and you won't be able to plan.. After arguing here and there, we have decide to get married on September (ops, cannot yet tell ya the exact date yet,hehe)..
I have ask a friend of mine a favor to do all the hantaran for me, so she's the one who get's more excited than me..Keep asking when i want to go and buy all the things..Luckily she's keep bugging me or else i won't start the preparation yet (thanks saidah, luv you,muah!)..So we went to Semua House in KL, surveying things, but i've not yet set my wedding theme color..Then we went to Sayang You (this shop sell all kind of wedding things, try to google sayang you)..So at the corner of the entrance were a part where got a wedding clothes..The wedding dress there were so nice with RM700/set (for bride and groom)..Actually it's quite expensive for me, hehe, so i just take a look at it..From there i managed to decide what is my wedding theme color.. So then we went to buy things for my hantaran (my theme color is already set, so it's easier for us to choose the things)..I spent around RM300 for the hantaran..Relieves that i have settle 1 thing, my next step would be searching the wedding dress for me and my fiance..
That's how i started my wedding preparation.. I've feel excited already, to plan for my BIG DAY..

April 23, 2009

Birthday Party!!

Isnin lepas birthday my beloved fiance.. But xde wat havoc2 pn..Aku just amek cuti & we both g settlekan hal2 yg x dpt nk setel time ari keje..Then just blanje him mkn pizza (his faveret food)..I just bought him simple present, black Polo wallet, sbb aku tgk wallet die cm idup segan mati x mau..Nk bg mahal2 x mampu ar, nk pkai duit utk kawen lagi,huhu..But eventhough x wat party ke ape, i really think it is a special day where i can spent it with someone special.. :)

Happy 27th Birthday sayang..

Another Birthday!!

Semalam aku celebrate birthday Imah, dak umah aku (hepi 27th birthday mah..).. So for the special dishes, aku wat steamboat (recipe by my beloved sis, kak dina)..Actually aku da war2kn ngan bebudak ni nk wat steamboat lama dah, berbulan dah pn..So bile da buat tu rase terlepas beban..kalo x aku rase mau sampai ke cucu cicit aku diorg ungkit pasal steamboat..& nasib baik percubaan pertama berjaya, kalo x drop the water face la jugak, haha..Maruah tu beb, huhu~..

Other than steamboat, we all beli secret recipe blueberry cake..Beli yg beso lak tu, cukup la buat kitorg xnk mkn cheese cake utk beberapa bln..

Pizza pn kitorg beli gk..Tp beli yg kecik je + chicken wing ..

Kenyang gile mkn, mmg best.. Tp diet aku da kaco ar,huhu..Xpe, minggu dpn start diet gile2,haha~..

Actually other than that, we all include sekali fareware party ngan fina, dak umah yg nk kawen 1/5 ni, seminggu je lg da nk jd bini org..Hee~, aku lak yg rase cm gemuruh.. Pejam celik2 pejam celik, aku lak..hee, takutnye..

April 05, 2009

A Confession of a Shopaholic..

Today I spent my day with my beloved fiance.. Die teman aku cari kasut kt Times Square..I'm I'm quite fussy kalo cari kasut coz I am a type that will wear one particular shoes smpai x leh pakai, & my current shoes mmg dah tahap kene buang dlm tong sampai.. Actually semlm da cr kt sunway pyramid but x jmpe yg menarik perhatian.. Luckily, found shoes yg menarik perhatian at the Carlo Rino.. So i bought 2 pairs, one flat shoes and the other for office use..
Don't have the other shoes picture though coz already wear it,hehe~..

After spending time together, my fiance went back to Penang naik bas at 7pm.. Tibe2 rase cm sedey lak,huhu.. He's been here for about 2 weeks already.. So bile nk lik tu terase gak laa..Mase anta die kt pudu tu cm nk tahan xnk kasi balik jek, huk huk~..Miss him already.. ::sigh::

April 04, 2009

Farewell Party @ AMP Karaoke Sunway Pyramid..

Last Thursday we have a farewell party for 3 of my colleague's resignation..Liu, Jesscy & Leong..
Liu was a great colleague and very helpful, also was my sifu in VWork.. He has been with VWork for quite a long time, so will be missing him lor, hehe..
Jesscy, was very hardworking, LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES..She's very nice and manje2 gitu,hehe..
Not much to say on Leong, but he's very friendly..

By the way the party was really awesome! Everyon enjoying ourselves, at least I am.. The karaoke was Rm17++ person from 7.30-10.30pm together with buffet..The food was ok, (got sushi also).. As usual there always a picture of the food..

Our friends whene giunt was buzy selecting song.. His voice is nice though, have to admin it..
Busy eating..

The guys..

Actually there were aa video that I wanted to share, but somehow not able to upload it, will upload it when i have time.. chow..

Herbal Life Event @ JW Marriot Hotel

I've been living a very busy life with my works for the last few weeks..So mcm x ada masa nk update blog..but there were always something that i kept so that i can share..

Last week i attended my cousin event on a product called Herbal Life, it's a nutritional product.. On that event there were people sharing on their experiences how they transform and live a better life..Interested jugak bcoz i've surf through the internet, this product have a quite good reputation from the blogger..Maybe leh wat side income, nk harapkan gaji, kdg2 conpius gk, akhir bln je abis, kdg2 x cukup..Hai..kalo nk cite pasal duit ni mmg x sudah..
My mom, KAk Yah & Abg Long

Back tu the event Herbal Life just now, actually the event was held at JW Marriot Hotel.. Masa ni la nk apply table manner, haha~..Actually x ikut pn,hehe..Nway, i really enjoyed the food. Thanks Abg Long for inviting me!

Herbal Life Special Tea..best..

Second course, first course x sempat nk amek gambo sebb time tu g washroom..
Mushroom soup

Fish Fillet

Chicken Grill Chop

The dessert: Puding Strawberry..(time ni da x larat nk makan dah sbb kenyang sgt..minum Herbal Life tea tu kot, hehe~)