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May 31, 2011

Used Breast Pump For Sale

Kawan2, sape yg nak beli double pump murah leh contact saye eh..

Actually ni member punyer, die baru beli Medela FS, (beli dari sayer jugak eh, hehehe).. So nak let go current breast pump yg dia pakai..

Jeng jeng jeng..
Breast pump: Ameda Lactaline Dual Breastpump (BPA Free)

Market price is around RM800

Breast pump ni die beli early March 2011, so baru je nak dekat 3 bulan pakai.. Still ade 6 months warranty..

Then kalo u ols beli breast pump ni, dpt extra item i.e.
Autumnz Cooler Bag  (Worth RM50.30)

Bumble Bee Disposible Breast Pad 36pcs (Worth RM31.90)
Autumnz Reusable Ice Pack-3pcs  (Worth RM20.70)

P/S: All parts has been sterelized and keep properly... :)